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Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Entry!

Aku mok ngegeh kejap makey BI nulis post tuk..hehe :D

Fuhh.. After taking a really long break from blogging, now I'm back.. Most anticipated comeback ever..haha (I'm just so full of myself)

Okay..Lets go straight to the topic that I want to share with you all, my follower and anyone that read the content of my blog..The topic is, Things That Women Should Know About Man Part 1.. This is originally from my idea so anything that you have seen somewhere else, believe me, it is just coincidence.. Ok! Lets begin!

1. Man loves bikes and cars. Yes! It is true. You see, bike is a man's toy. Big bikes, superbike, kapcai, or anything that have two wheels and they can ride it with style, it's their toy. As for me, I would like to own a superbike. 500cc and above. But before that I have to try a lower speed superbike, 250cc first. If you have a boyfriend who love bikes so much, you should buy him one. Not the actual bike but, only the specific model of bike that he want. Although he can't ride it, but he will appreciate it. Not because he love the bike but because it shows how much you care for him.

2. Man can't read mind. Really. This is true. No one can read mind actually. What I'm trying to express here is, if you want anything, want to say something, or anything that you have in mind that you want your man to know about it, just tell him. Don't make him guess. Sometimes, I can guess what's in my girlfriend thought. But it is not always the right one. Women tends to say "I'm fine" but they are not "Fine". And this will reveal man biggest weakness. When he heard his girl said that she is fine, then the man will assume that she is fine which is not. Yaaa..kinda stupid but that's how man's brain works. So, to avoid any misunderstanding, try to tell your man about what you feel inside, then he will know about it.

3. Men and their ego is like flesh and nails (isi dan kuku la tu). Every men have their ego. Sometimes their ego just too much and as their women, you should know about it. How to deal with their ego? First, you must understand him as deep as you can. And lastly, repeat the first step. Hehehe. Don't ignore their ego completely because that is what men suppose to have. 

Okay.. That's enough for part 1 as I don't want to think more about this now. Part 2 will come A.S.A.P and until then, gudbye from me! :)

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