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Sunday, January 22, 2012

This One For You and Me ~ First Time..

Everything we do, we eat, we drink, we experience, always start with a first try. Am I right? Correct me if I'm wrong. 

Ok. why i'm writing in English?? naaahh.. I just feel like to write this one in English. :)

Straight to the point. I want to share everything that I did for the first time since I fall in love with my girl now. But i guess not everything. Anything that I thinks it is private, I wont add it to the list. Ok, let's start. :)

1. For the first time, I went out with her. Just the two of us. I accompanied her to the post office. Got something to post to Sarawak. Then, we went to Mcd together and something funny happened there. :) I know u will never forget that incident, right sweetie.? (that time, i dont know about her feelings to me at all)

2. I'm shocked when she told me that she loves me and wanted me to become her Boyfriend. She is my classmate and my close friend too. (first time my classmate and my close friend told me her feeling for me first)

3. First time, i worked together with her. She was my assistant. Its really great to work with someone u love eventhough I didnt tell her yet about my feeling to her dat time. 

4. She made me an album. Photo album, or I called it, her's mini life. :) its all about her and her family. But, it's all about us too. Some photos of us together. sweet! I never receive this kind of gift from any of my previous girlfriends.

5. We went to the cinema together. First time I watch a movie with my girlfriend. :)

6. For the first time, I went to KLCC with her. At night ok. But it was rain back then. Then I hold her hand and walk around the KLCC park in the rain. (not heavy rain) 

  I feel so in love with her. She loves me so much. I love her so much too. I never thought that I would fall in love with her. But, there you go, I fall in love with her and I want to spend my life with her. Marry her. Raising a family with her. She shows me that nothing impossible in this world. As long as u try, u can get the outcome. 

* Sayang, thanks for not giving up on me back then. You show me how great LOVE can be. You are my love, my best friend, my heroin. You are my EVERYTHING dear. You are the greatest lover that I can possibly get. I wont let u go. I promise that as long as forever through, I will always loving u.*


  1. sweet... Love it so muchhhh... Thanxx dear... Im speechless..

  2. :) special for u ar baby...

  3. sweetnya... smga bkekalan guys.. :)